In APEZTEGUIA we believe in the power of architecture to transform so much like in the power of art to change things.

We understand the architecture as a social work that wants to improve and change the living conditions. In no case we understand it as a work to get personal glory. We do not think that anybody could determine how someone has to live, how it has to teach or how it has to amuse itself.

We think the architecture from his reason of need, look for fixed supports in which to base our solutions and, for this reason, our way to face the project and understand the professional practice departs always from the need to solve the concrete problems raised by the client, not forgetting his correct adequacy to the environment and his condition of lasting object in the time.

In APEZTEGUIA we know that all the definitions and conditions to start are in the client and in the place. Our responsibility leads us to listen and look attentively, to deepen into the origin of the opportunity. This  provides us a great quantity of information to depart, and goals to get. The process, departing from a white paper, is taking form based on questions and answers that bring us, little by little and with much effort, to the end.

The work transforms itself in a game of approximations in which as much data are introduced, as much conditions exist, it will be easier to reach the goals successfully.

We know that any new project hides an OPPORTUNITY, that always exists one "farther" that  opens a possibility to transform the world, to restore the landscape, to change a piece of city, to allow the sun goes in a place in which there is a lot of time that it has not entered, to offer a space of games or a meeting point, to plant a tree or to beautify a corner. And also to talk, through the forms, and to leave a built opinion, a way to look with honesty and to be with dignity.

APEZTEGUIA differentiates in the world of the architecture for offering as much a trustworthy knowledge of the intellectual nature of the own discipline, as a real control of what this one generates in his more immediate environment. Very few offices value this double level of understanding.